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Darla Crane Bound & Sold! 11 photos; 10:28 video #1295

July 25, 2013

Darla had been tricked into a bikini bondage shoot by the evil photographer, Sandra. (see update 1207) After Darla was tied and gagged, Sandra contacted her buyer and told him that she had secured the girl for sale as a sex slave. When Sandra leaves the room, Darla tries to hop to freedom. Boobs bouncing as she hops, she makes it into a back room, and there is a sliding glass door!  But before she can get to it, Sandra is on her, throwing her onto the couch. Sandra then removes Darla’s bikini bottoms, shoves them in Darla’s mouth and seals them in with microfoam tape. Then her bikini top is removed.  More rope is added around her ample bosom and knees and then she is left to struggle as Sandra greets the buyer.  They exchange cash and the hulking brute picks the nude and tied Darla up and carries her off to her new life…


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